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Group Training

Academic life is full of opportunities to speak.

From conferences to teaching, public engagement to industry collaboration your researchers will find themselves tasked with standing at the front and talking about what they do, work with us to make sure they can do it well.

We will provide the specialist support in public speaking needed to equip them for academic conferences, teaching or taking their research out to industry and the community. These are crucial skills for success which can be used to increase reputation, build relationships and communicate with impact.

Our sessions are all built specifically with your needs in mind, but check out the session menu to get a feel for what we can cover. These are perfect for Phd’s early career researchers, or anyone looking to boost their skills and confidence in public speaking.

Individual support

We work with you to create, rehearse, and perfect a presentation.

Academic presentations come up all the time, from team meetings and conferences to high profile keynotes and engagement activities. Through a series of 1-2-1 sessions we’ll work with you to understand the specific nature of the talk, and how to best communicate your research, project or message.

We’ll perfect the talk itself but also look at your delivery, stage persona and confidence, enabling you to speak with authority and engage your audience.

These sessions are perfect for anyone with a particular talk to perfect, or for those who speak regularly and want to build skills and confidence.

Creating excellence

To really make the most of presentation and speaking, a culture of on going improvement and excellence needs to be established. We’ll work with your team, lab group or department, long term to make sure every time someone from your group speaks, they stand out. The goal here is to establish a reputation of excellence in what you do, by using academic conferencing to showcase your research, projects, and ethos.

This requires training in the theory but also regular mentorship, reflection and the creation of a culture which supports and prioritises speakers, allowing them to produce knock out talks every time.

These programmes are built from scratch for you and can include, group training, individual support, remote coaching, and resource creation.

The training was probably the best I’ve experienced and recived from over 70 hours worth of training in 2 years of my PhD
— Nicola Allen: PhD Researcher


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