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Training. Support. Confidence.

Using both 1:2:1 sessions and his online feedback programme I know that I have made significant progress
— Polly Brennan: Adventurous coaching


Presentation and communication are a huge field, and the ideas we use are pulled from many areas including storytelling and psychology. This means we can’t possibly cover everything there is to know in any one training session.

However, we can promise that our training will be customised to you and your needs. Presentations aren't one size fits all, and nor are our training sessions. We'll work closely with you to ensure an engaging, useful and above all relevant session - it’s likely to be enjoyable too


Group training

Want to get your whole team on the same page? 

These sessions are custom designed for your company and introduce your team to connected emotional communication. 

We draw from over a decade of experience training communicators and use techniques from storytelling, psychology, theatre and public speaking to implement game-changing ideas. 


1-2-1 coaching

Got a talk coming up? A business pitch you need to land?

1-2-1 sessions help you work on projects specific to you. We'll find your story, discuss your individual performance style and craft a presentation to remember. 

1-2-1's are also perfect for anyone who struggles with nerves and is looking for ways to combat that feeling of presentation terror. We know you can beat them!    



As well as training sessions, we offer a range of systems to support and assist you in making dull presentations a thing of the past! These work as ways to keep the momentum of a good group training going. We offer these either on a pay-as-you-go basis or as part of an ongoing system of support and coaching for your staff. 


coaching and advice

Presentations come in all shapes and sizes; and we know that one solution does not fit all. Whatever point you're at in the presentation cycle we're there to help. 

  • Finding your story - we got you.

  • Structuring for impact - no problemo!

  • Dealing with nerves and presentation wobbles - that's what we do!

We can work with you in person, or remotely via phone, skype or video. 


Slide deck construction


Worried about visuals? Unsure if your PowerPoint is on point?

Send us your slides, and we'll give them a professional revamp, working with you to make sure you have simple, effective, visuals to back up your message. 

When it comes to connection - you should be the focus not the screen.

Remember less is more when it comes to avoiding death by PowerPoint. 



Real ongoing support

If you're in this for the long-run, then so are we.

Embedding a rock solid communication culture across all of your internal and external interactions is a long term goal but one we're so on-board with.

We're not going to pop up, deliver some inspiring training, and disappear.

We'll stick with you, making real change and providing the support you need, when you need it.                                                                                                                                              



Video feedback

Getting us in to see you in person isn't always possible, so we've developed a tech-smart solution. 

It's simple really; if we can't be there to watch you talk, the next best thing is to film the presentation. 

You can then upload it to our secure online portal where we'll add our expert thoughts, advice and guidance.



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