The prices on this page should be considered a guide only. We know that every project is different, and the needs of each company are unique. For an accurate formal quote get in touch, tell us what you're looking for and we can work out exactly what you need. 



Group Training


Group training sessions are a great way to get your whole team on the same page. Spending some quality time thinking about how you communicate your mission and the ways you do things can throw up some fascinating ideas. We're very happy to work with groups of all sizes but the most effective is about 20 people at a time. This gives the best possibilities for participation and for everyone to have a say. 

Group training is done by the day or half day and priced roughly as follows;

Half day (up to 3 hrs) - £450

Full day - £700 

With larger groups this works out at about £35 per person per day and provides a cost-effective way to introduce the ideas of emotionally engaged communication to a team. 


1-2-1 Coaching


In person 1-2-1 training session are perfect for working up a specific talk or presentation.  Be it a client pitch, conference talk or industry presentation we will help you craft your words and shape the delivery for maximum effect. Along the way we'll find your personal presentation style, and uncover any pain points or difficulties you have, enabling you to take to the stage with confidence. 

We recommend 3 sessions of perhaps an hour long as a good place to start. This gives us a chance to get to know you and for the ideas we discuss to sink in. Rome wasn't built in a day and nor are great presentations. Though of course if you'd rather have a one off, we'd be delighted with that too. 

Guide prices are:

£100 per session

Other projects and support services


Our mission is to help companies like you implement long term real change in the way they think about presentation. We want to give your staff the confidence and skills to knock it out the park every time, gaining new business and boosting your reputation. We'd love to work with you longer term, providing continuous support when you need it, ongoing training and coaching in real world situations. 

Because every company is different for more detailed or in depth projects we'd like to get to know you before quoting, so drop us an email or social media message and let us see what we can work out.