I would definitely recommend Duncan, especially if you want something different to your bog standard presentation training
— Lucy Botham. Head of Sales at Silverbean
How can we help? Let us know

How can we help? Let us know

What we do and how we do it...

What we do and how we do it...

What are people saying?

What are people saying?

Every company has a story. Here's ours

Every company has a story. Here's ours


Connecting people, emotion and business

In a world of instant messaging, email, remote phone calls and content-heavy communications we need to find our emotions again.

We need to speak to our audiences in a connected, resonant and emotionally engaging way. Person to person. Achieving this is the key to effective, and enjoyable communications, be they over the phone, a business pitch, or a presentation in front of 500 people.

Many exciting projects or businesses struggle because they don't successfully communicate the fantastic work they do. Teams struggle when there is a communication breakdown or crucial information is missed.

We believe life is too short to risk your client, staff, or team mates getting the wrong end of the stick.

Getting your presentation and communication on point is crucial for modern business, a phenomenal way to connect with other people, and a superb path to increased sales and reputation. 


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Excellent training, should be compulsory for all staff
— Senior lecturer: Newcastle University

How we can help you...

Group training

Want to get your whole team on the same page?  Group sessions are the place to start.

These sessions are custom-designed for your company and introduce your team to connected emotional communication. Helping them unlock powerful new ideas.                                                     

1-2-1 coaching

Got a talk coming up? A business pitch you need to land?

Book a 1-2-1 session with us to get focused and put some dedicated time into your presentation.


Real support

If you're in this for the long run, then so are we.

Real change takes time, and it's our mission to help you create a rich communication culture with connection at its heart.                                           



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