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Individual coaching

We work with you to create, rehearse, and perfect a presentation.

Business presentations come up all the time, from team meetings and reports to high profile keynotes and pitches. Through a series of 1-2-1 sessions we’ll work with you to understand the specific nature of the talk, and how to get the most value from it for you and your business.

We’ll perfect the talk itself but also look at your delivery, stage persona and confidence, enabling you to speak with authority and engage your audience.

These sessions are perfect for anyone with a particular talk to perfect, or for those who speak regularly and want to build skills and confidence.

Small team Support

Often its helpful for a whole team to be on the same page in terms of business communication, what’s the story being told? What values do you want to communicate?

Moreover making sure all team members can usefully be called on to present is a great resource for any organisation, making sure updates, meetings, and presentations are effective without the worry important info will be lost.

These sessions work well for small teams of senior managers or people working in business development, and are designed based on your needs. We can deliver workshops which look at, storytelling, emotional engagement, PowerPoint, body language, communication theory and preparation. Elements which can be of use in all area’s of business communication, be it internal or external.

On-going mentorship

To really make the most of presentation and speaking, a culture of on going improvement and excellence needs to be established. We’ll work with you long term to make sure every time someone from your organisation speaks, they stand out.

This requires training in the theory but also regular mentorship, reflection and the creation of a culture which supports and prioritises speakers, allowing them to produce knock out talks every time.

Like all things in business to truly stand out one must be consistently excellent, and by building brilliant presentations into your marketing, and development programmes you can leverage this tool to stand out from your competitors.

It’s always a big ask to take our teams away from client work for 1 day never mind 3 but there were absolutely no regrets
— Lucy Botham: Silverbean


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